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App for Mac

Possessing the capacity to compose in my desktop computer (offline) then to immediately publish out of there was some thing that I found to be somewhat successful.

In earlier times I’ve shared several programs which are great desktop computer editors for Mac, however, till today nothing was near the Windows Live Writer offered.

Recently a favorite Mac desktop blog editor, also a program called”Blogo”, was totally revamped, along with also the fully loaded version of this program started. This neat program permits you to blog directly from the Mac desktop.

Blogo Desktop Editor

Within this piece I’ll be sharing an overview of Blogo, in addition to directions about how you may set this up to your WordPress site.

In case you still haven’t downloaded Blogo, then you can get it in the App Store within here. If you love composing offline on your own desktop computer, and you’re trying to find the ability to print directly from the Mac OS, then Blogo will be the very best solution for you.

Here are a few more attributes of Blogo which made me eager to utilize it:

As soon as you’ve downloaded and set up Blogo, start it and then it will request the site address to which you’d love to join. Blogo currently supports WordPress, however in the long run it will encourage other blogging platforms such as Tumblr along with Blogger.

The Way to Configure Blogo together with Your WordPress Blog:

Download and set up Blogo in the aforementioned link and start it. The very first screen you will see will seem like the display below. Add your site’s address to begin.

After incorporating the site’s URL, click “link” and you’ll be requested for your site credentials. Input them to join Blogo along with your WordPress website.

In my situation after linking, it was showing me that the box to enter the WordPress URL, therefore that I needed to shut the program and reopen it.

Reopening the program took me straight to the article tab of my associated site, in which I could begin writing.

As soon as your website is linked, it is also going to pull your printed and draft articles that you can edit directly from your desktop computer.

Start composing a new article, and click “preferences” to create changes like”article” or”webpage”. You can also delegate the featured picture by clicking the article settings in the article writing department, as shown below:

As soon as you’ve completed writing the article, click the preview button in the left sidebar, and also for the very first time it will produce a blog article to bring your motif style.

However, until you do this , configure and install the Feed Delay plugin, since it will prevent your configured social networking accounts from mechanically sharing the exam article on your own social networking feeds.

You may find out more about this Feed Delay plugin and use within this report.

Producing the test article is going to take a couple of moments, and after the exam article was finished, the program will delete the article generated.

After you click the”store” button at Blogo it can save the post for a draft in your own blog, or you’re able to publish your article instantly by simply hitting the”print” button. I really don’t imply this, but as you should really include the SEO meta name and description before letting the article to go live.

You might also need to bring a class and tags in the article editor part of WordPress, since Blogo does not draw lists of your present tags and categories automatically. (They’ll be incorporating this feature shortly.) Consider this measure as the ending process.

I recommend that you write your blog article onto Blogo, and after it’s finished save it into”save draft” on your WordPress dashboard.

Have a rest and return into proof-read and finalize this particular post. This makes it possible to to proof-read your post with a transparent head, and will serve to create your post more purposeful and professional.

App for Mac

From the post-writing segment you are able to click on”calendar” to program your article for future book. Another intriguing feature is that it is possible to drag and drop pictures to the article editor segment, and they’ll be added into your article. You could even edit configure and images”alt tag” along with”edit picture”. In addition you have the ability of incorporating any picture as the”featured picture”, that is an important time-saver.


Blogo is excellent software for bloggers that are using the Mac OS or even iPhone. They are continuously adding new attributes which produces this software worth each cent of its price. You can get blogo in the Mac App shop by clicking the picture below:

As soon as you’ve had a opportunity to attempt Blogo, return and let me know what your experience is like, and if this editor works nicely for you.

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